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Welcome to St John's


A very warm welcome to St John’s, Walton!


We’re a lively, friendly church seeking to “Know Jesus and make Him known” through being a “Community for the Community.” It would be great to welcome you in person at one of our Sunday services or Tuesday service and lunch. 

Whether you’re looking for information on room bookings (we have a fantastic range of rooms that we love to see used by the community), or what we have going on during the week, our weekly Bulletin, our children and young peoples’ work, etc, you should find it all here! 

If you can’t find what you want on this website please let us know by contacting the church office – details are at the bottom of this webpage after our current Bulletin letter. 


Our regular Sunday morning services.... 

9.00 am Holy Communion 

10.45 am Family Celebration









We are now entering what is called, “Ordinary Time”, in the church calendar.


I wonder if this name could imply that after the excitement of the Easter season that we settle into an ordinary routine until we reach Advent again.  Or, is there another way of thinking of this time?


For most of us, there are highs and maybe lows in our Christian lives.  Sometimes, we are keenly aware of God's presence, prayer and the bible are meaningful, the Bible seems to speak right to our situation and we want to proclaim God's message.  At other times, however, God seems silent. 


Reading the Bible and praying feel like uphill tasks, we would rather hide away than try to live for Christ.


What could we do when our faith feels like its sliding?


Firstly, I think it's best not to trust our feelings, but instead to trust our living God. “I am the Lord and I do not change” Malachi 3:6


Secondly, physical and mental ill health can dull our relationship with God, in the same way that they affect our relationships with families and friends. God’s care at these times never ceases, no matter how we feel.


A final thought, putting our faith into action means that we must rely on God.  Where could we do this? What about Christian summer activities with children and young people, church/community projects etc? Try searching online!


Let us use this Ordinary Time to be and do extraordinary things in the name of Christ! 



Sarah Brown - Reader


St John's Walton

Walton Back Lane

S42 7LT

 W: www.stjohnswalton.co.uk 

Church Office
T:  01246 566205

E:  office@stjohnswalton.co.uk

Office hours: M 1-5pm, T 9-1pm,
W 9-5pm, T 9-5pm, F 9-12:30pm


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