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Going on holiday can be stressful and is often expensive, so, why do we bother? I think that it has a lot to do with wanting to see new things and the desire to get away from the mundane. The problem is that whenever we go on holiday there's one thing that always stays the same - no matter how far we go from home we're always there! Alongside the new sights and novel experiences we still find that we've got the same hang-ups, prejudices and worries.

All too often, in our everyday life, we rush from one experience to another, one job to the next task. It's a shame that the word "pedestrian" has come to be used in a negative way. The French have a different take on this; they use the word flâneur, meaning wanderer, a rambler through life. The idea is that you use the opportunity of getting from A to B as a way of reflecting on life and giving yourself space to think afresh. The key to this is looking at things as if you were seeing them for the first time. Rather like being on holiday, really. If we look afresh at things - perhaps even pretending that we're on holiday, if it's only for half an hour, then both we and others could benefit.

As a Christian, I try and live a holiday - or rather, "holy-day" every day. The promise from the Bible that I hold on to is that of new life today, one where God promises to look at me afresh if I'll do the same to others. Hope you have a good holiday, today!

Every blessing,     

Rev Brian Magorrian


Summer Sermon Series
On Sunday mornings from 6th July to 7th September we will work through the books of 1 and 2 Timothy, letters written to a young church leader and that contain guidance for both church leaders and for all believers today.  You are encouraged to read through these books in preparation for our learning together.


 Below are some photographs from our Community & Church Family Summer Festival;


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