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Welcome to St John's

A very warm welcome to St John’s, Walton!


We’re a lively, friendly church seeking to “Know Jesus and make Him known” through being a “Community for the Community.” It would be great to welcome you in person at one of our Sunday services or Tuesday service and lunch. 

Whether you’re looking for information on room bookings (we have a fantastic range of rooms that we love to see used by the community), or what we have going on during the week, our weekly Bulletin, our children and young peoples’ work, etc, you should find it all here! 

If you can’t find what you want on this website please let us know by contacting the church office – details are at the bottom of this webpage after our current Bulletin letter. 


Our regular Sunday morning services.... 

9.00 am Holy Communion 

10.45 am Family Celebration



Today we begin a three-part sermon series Lessons from the Early Church, through which we will address three vital lessons that are a legacy of the early church. 

The themes of death and resurrection, the cost of faith, and the necessity of love are among the most important messages that Jesus shared with those who had ears to hear. 

Each of these themes may be historical to our faith, but there is nonetheless a mystery to this history. 

These ideas of faith have been preached about, published, and indoctrinated into the Christian tradition so much that we have almost forgotten how radical they must have seemed to the early believers. 

It’s almost like how You and I take electricity for granted and don’t appreciate why a primitive tribe would be terrified by such an awesome discovery.


In this sermon series we will revisit these themes by looking deeper into the experience of early believers and examining our own.


Also, today is Vocations Sunday.  Vocation is the word we use when we talk about God calling us into a particular role.

Your vocation could be your paid employment, such as a teacher, a medical professional, an office worker or almost anything else.

If that is where God has called you to work and to be a Christian as you work, than that is an important part of your Christian life and witness.

Your vocation could be outside paid employment, your role as a parent, or helping with a youth group or Sunday school class.

For some people, God calls them to a more formal role within the church, either paid or unpaid: this could be as a Vicar, a chaplain, a Youth Worker, a Lay Preacher, to join a religious community or to become an evangelist.


If you think God may be calling you in this way, the best place to start is by talking to me as your vicar about it.

If you recognise gifts in a member of St John’s and think they may have a potential calling, why not share it with them.


God Bless Nick


St John's Walton

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