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Welcome to St John's

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God on the move...

Over the next few weeks we’re going to be thinking about a number of things to do with God being on the move. We start with Christian Aid Sunday. One of the most important ways that God is on the move in our world is through what we do in practical ways. Christian Aid week is an excellent opportunity to do just that.

Then we celebrate the Ascension, as Jesus returns to the Father to reign in heaven. He tells his disciples to continue His work. So Ascension is closely linked to our mission in the world, which is another aspect of our part in being God on the move.

The following week, we have Pentecost, in many ways the birth of the church, as the Holy Spirit moves amongst God’s people. God is within us – what fantastic news for us to hear and to share. God is on the move right inside us!

And lastly, we have Trinity Sunday, where we explore and expand our understanding of how God moves in relationship in heaven and on earth. In our world folk are often lonely and at odds with each other. Community is difficult to define and even harder to achieve. To such a world the idea of inter-relationship being at the very centre of God is good news.

I hope you see God on the move in your life!

Every blessing, Brian



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