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Welcome to St John's

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A very warm welcome to St John’s, Walton! 

We’re a lively, friendly church seeking to “Know Jesus and make Him known” through being a “Community for the Community.” It would

be great to welcome you in person at one of our Sunday services or Tuesday service and lunch.  Whether you’re looking for information

on room bookings (we have a fantastic range of rooms that we love to see used by the community), or what we have going on during the

week, our weekly Bulletin, our children and young peoples’ work, etc, you should find it all here!  If you can’t find what you want on this

website please let us know by contacting the church office – details are at the bottom of this webpage after our current Bulletin letter.


              Every blessing,


                         Brian Magorrian  (Vicar)


Our regular Sunday morning services....

9.00 am Holy Communion

10.45 am Family Celebration




Today, Trinity Sunday, we think about how our God is one-in-three, Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Another way of putting this is to say that


God is Creator, Redeemer and Sustainer. I wonder how you would explain God the Trinity to someone? Hopefully our service this


morning will have helped somewhat in this regard. However it has to be said that, ultimately, it is a mystery – one based on the witness



of the Bible and the experience of the church, but still in the end a mystery. Still, it has important implications on the way we go about


being a church. For one thing, the Trinity reminds us that God is a community – of three – reaching out to the wider world.





Last weekend we saw a great example of church reaching out to the wider community.  There were many people who put a lot of effort –


and hopefully had a lot of fun! – into organising and running the events of the weekend. Thanks to all the teams involved – from flowers


to food! It’s good that we were well-rewarded by fine weather and large turn-out of folk. Let’s hope and pray that seeds planted will bear


much fruit.





                                Every blessing,










St John's Walton

Walton Back Lane

S42 7LT

 W: www.stjohnswalton.co.uk 

Church Office
T:  01246 566205

E:  office@stjohnswalton.co.uk

Rev Dr Brian Magorrian
T:   01246 731366

E:  brian@stjohnswalton.co.uk