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Welcome to St John's

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During August our Children and Young People's work follows a different pattern as our leaders take a well-earned break!

We continue to thank God for the many younger folk we have in our church family and pray for more leaders and helpers to take part in this work – if this might be you, then please come forward – it is enjoyable and fulfilling work!

Also, over the summer, we're looking at the story of Joseph in the book of Genesis.

I'm sure many of us have seen the excellent musical and we're hoping that the story will come to life in our church over the next few Sundays!

Why look at Joseph? Well Joseph was a lad of great gifts, but perhaps common-sense wasn't one of them (to begin with at least). Joseph was tried and tested through his life – he could have very easily given in or given up. Instead, he followed God's leading and saved a nation or two!

Maybe we won't quite achieve so much, yet we can still learn a lot from the multi-coloured tale of Joseph.

            Every blessing,


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