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Welcome to St John's

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Welcome to the season of Easter!

Easter is a time of Resurrection. God bringing life where there was death.

What does resurrection mean to us? Do we rejoice that Jesus has been raised from the dead? Are we glad that he’s alive and well? If so, what then? Do we go about our day to day lives unchanged? What does his resurrection have to do with our everyday living – dare I suggest it – what does his resurrection have to do with the general election on 7th May?

There is often debate about whether faith and politics should be combined, but Jesus wasn’t crucified because he was an itinerant preacher – there were lots of those about! No, he was crucified because he was threatening the politics of the day, the way things were set up, the injustice and corruption – he was challenging the political systems – challenging them to resurrection – to bringing life rather than death!

What would resurrection look like in terms of the outcome of our general election? What would resurrection look like in Walton, in Chesterfield, in the UK, in the world?


And what does that mean for your vote?


Rev. Karen Bradley - Assistant Curate


You may find the following website about Christian involvement in politics helpful: http://www.christiansinpolitics.org.uk/showup/



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