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What’s Lent all about?

“What are you giving up for Lent?” used to be a common question people asked each other. Even today some non-Christians give up something for Lent. According to Twitter, in 2014 the top five things to give up for Lent were: chocolate,Twitter, school, alcohol and swearing! Chocolate and alcohol are bad for the body. Twitter and swearing, bad for the mind? And school? Not sure about that one!

I wonder what’s top on your list to do for Lent this year? We give up something for Lent to concentrate our mind a bit on what’s really important in our lives - to refocus our priorities. So I’d like to encourage you to think about not only what you might give up for Lent but also what you might do extra, take up, in Lent. Going to the Lent course at St John’s might be one example. Spending more quiet time with God is always a good thing to do. But also, take time and energy to be more aware of people you meet and places you go to, raising them to God in prayer.

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