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Welcome to St John's

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Recently we had some old friends visit us. As is usual, the conversation flowed as we exchanged news and views, updating each other on what had happened to us in recent months. There was a lot of laughter and good food. Then they just mentioned some sad news, some information which to be honest stunned me for a few minutes. “Oh, we're so sorry, we thought that someone else would have told you already.”

In church life, in everyday life, poor communication can cause problems and misunderstandings at many levels. If we know of a situation or problem, then as long as it is done with good intentions, it's often best to share rather than move on by without comment.

When it comes to our faith, thinking that someone else is bound to pass the Christian message on to someone at some point in their life was always a bit risky, even when we were a Christian country. Now, the opportunities to come across the Christian message are far more limited and our role in spreading the news is ever more vital.

Communication both inside and outside church is key to us as a fellowship as we work at being a community for the community.

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