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Tuesday Worship is a warm and friendly community experience of worship each Tuesday morning at 11.00am, following a traditional rhythm of liturgy and hymns. Holy Communion is celebrated on the first Tuesday of each month.

Tuesday Worship is more than simply a time of worship together; from the beginning, friendship with Jesus has been an experience of community. As disciples, Jesus’ friends shared life together, they learned together, journeyed with Him as fellow travellers and together were sent out by Him.

One distinctive feature of life with Jesus was the table and shared meals as a place of fellowship and learning. Jesus’ disciples shared meals together in their own homes, and in the homes of friends and strangers; they picnicked in the wild places with thousands, and, more intimately, shared breakfast together on the beach.

Jesus’ final time of fellowship with His disciples was a meal where, with broken bread and a cup of wine, He unfolded the full measure of his love for them. This last shared meal together was His legacy to His friends and is the heart of Christian community today.

At the heart of Tuesday Worship is a meal we share together; please do come and join this special time of fellowship, everyone is most warmly welcome.