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Christians give practical expression to their faith and contribute to the life of the Church in many valuable ways, but one demonstration of faith that we are all called to share in together is financial giving. In our giving, we respond personally to the incredible generosity of God who gave us His greatest gift - His only Son. So it is important to give prayerful thought about how much we give and come prepared to express our faith in this way.

At St John’s, a regular collection is taken at each service on Sunday and Tuesday. You will find the offering plate just as you come into church to the right of the centre isle.

St. John’s also operates an envelope scheme which helps you plan your weekly giving throughout the year. Contact the Church Office to register for the Scheme and they will provide you with a yearly supply of envelopes. Simply bring your envelope with you when you come to church and place it in the offering plate at the back of church.

Even simpler than the envelope scheme is a standing order with your bank. This really is the easiest way to give to the church in a planned, regular way. The Church Office will be able to supply you with a standing order form, and will arrange for it to be sent to the bank.

If you pay UK tax (Income or Capital Gains Tax) and would like St John’s to be able to claim back the basic rate tax on any offering, you will need to fill in a Gift Aid declaration. The benefit to St John’s is that we can recover the basic rate of income tax, currently 25p for each pound given. (If you pay higher rate tax, you may recover this through your own tax return.)



While our churches are closed we cannot receive all the monetary gifts we usually do, here’s how you can help by joining the Parish Giving Scheme and giving by Direct Debit.

A regular gift really helps our cash flow, prevents the need for us to count cash and go to the bank (thereby keeping us safe) and the scheme automatically claims Gift Aid.

It gives all of us peace of mind – you’re not worrying about your envelopes with your cash gift piling up while church is closed and we’re not worrying about loss of income – it’s a win win!

Thank you for your help.



How to give

The service is live and operates weekdays between 9am – 5pm. Prospective donors can set up a regular gift to the parish by calling the dedicated telephone line: 0333 002 1271.

The simple sign-up process takes approx. 15 minutes and the following information is needed:

  • Personal bank account details
  • The name of the parish you wish to donate to and the PGS code:
    • Walton St.John's, Chesterfield - 120612119
  • You will need to confirm if you want to increase your gift in line with inflation each year (or increase the gift as and when you want to)
  • Confirm if you are eligible for Gift Aid

What happens next?

You will receive written confirmation (by email or post) of your Direct Debit, including details of the parish you are supporting, the amount of your gift and the date of your first donation.

What if you need to change your donation?

Donors can make any changes to their Direct Debit by post, phone or by email to; This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..