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Keep up to date with our response to the Coronavirus pandemic


A letter from Nick. 17/3/2020



Dear flock,


You have probably heard the news that today the Archbishops have suspended all acts of public worship in the Church of England until further notice.


Consequently I regret that all St John’s services on Sundays and Tuesdays and any other time are now on hold until further notice. This also applies to all prayer meetings, ministries, and meetings in the church, including of course the Lent Course (I plan to adjust the lent course material to put it online for you and will let you know when that is on the website).

If you download the Church of England’s Daily Prayer app on your phone or tablet, you can joins us in Spirit at 9am and 4:30pm in Morning and Evening Prayer during the week as I will be saying that at those times (or just feel free to pray as the Spirit leads).


However in accordance with guidance, I will also be in the church saying prayers on Sunday mornings, and I am committed to finding a way to involved you in that by either broadcasting it or creating a podcast. I will contact you again soon to advise when it is set up.


I will also be in touch soon to let you know how we are organising ourselves to respond missionally to the situation and the needs that will now emerge.


Please check the website regularly for updates, prayer requests, and information.


I share with you the prayer that is circulating at the moment which says it all really;

God of the good news that spreads faster than fear,

God of the courage that comes from the heart:

Be with us as anxieties rise and with us as uncertainty grows.

Be with us when children ask difficult questions,

and with us when parents and loved ones seem farther away.

Remind us that to be a community does not always mean

to be physically present beside those we know well.

It also can mean being spiritually present

with those who feel very alone;

and that you as our God, the God made flesh,

are also the God who calls us from the tumult and tells us to be still

and to know that you are God with us.



I have often reminded you that we, not the building, are the church. Now we have an opportunity to demonstrate that our ties in the Lord extend beyond our building and Sunday services.


I will be in touch soon. Meanwhile be assured of my prayers for you and yours.


God bless, Nick


Nick Green CA

Vicar, St John’s Walton

01246 555881