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Street Pastors

Street Pastors is a nation-wide initiative of the Ascension Trust, and a partnership between the Church in Chesterfield, together with the local council, police and other statutory agencies.

Street Pastors is a Christian response to the issues of crime, disorder and personal vulnerability of those who people the night-time economy of Chesterfield; it is a movement to transform the local community one act of kindness at a time.

With training, Street Pastors are there to care, listen and engage with those they meet, and to support those who need their help without judgement.

St John’s is a lead-church in this significant ministry to the people of Chesterfield; if you would like to know more or would like to volunteer for this ministry, contact the church office and they will point you to the coordinator here at St John’s.

Further information about Chesterfield Street Pastors can be found on their website; http://chesterfield.streetpastors.org.uk/

Urgent Appeal September 2018

Due to cuts in public funding we are asking for your help in funding for Chesterfield Street & School Pastors for the next two years, 2019-2020.

Street Pastors celebrated 7 years this month in serving the public on the streets of Chesterfield between the hours of 10:00pm Saturday to 4:00am Sunday, keeping a potential 2,000 people safe with the offer of First Aid, Water, Flip Flops, clearing glass and an open ear to any life issues.

The annual cost for employing a Coordinator three days a week, purchase of flip-flops, lollies, water, first aid equipment, etc. is in excess of £12,000.

Based on our annual statistics:

  • Our volunteers are currently drawn from 15 different churches

  • We have 13 women and 9 men totalling a fantastic 22 volunteers in total*.

  • Our annual report to Ascension Trust based on our weekly reports show that in 2016 we helped 568

    people and attended 55 anti-social incidents.

  • In 2018 we aim to put out a patrol on 50 nights, a considerable commitment compared to 5yrs ago, with a

    reduced number of volunteers working even harder to help make Chesterfield a safe place to enjoy a night out.

  • In the early evening we collect and recycle glass bottles that have been left on the street and which, if broken, present a hazard or, if left, become potential weapons later in the evening. In 2016 we collected 989 glass bottles from the town centre. Since we began in August 2011 we have cleared more than 6,500 glass

    items from the street.

  • It’s usually later in the evening when help is required by giving out bottled water to rehydrate drinkers, flip flops

    to prevent injuries and first aid. The amount of bottled water and flip flops given away has remained consistent with last year at around 200 of each over the year. The instances of street pastors giving first aid have also dropped again this year to under 50. Less broken glass on the street, greater use of flip flops and more people helped home before they have an accident must all be contributing factors.

  • We do not have access to statistics from A&E, but we know that where in the past an ambulance would have been called to a minor injury or for a very drunk person on a Saturday night it is now Street Pastors that tend to be called, and we can often deal with the situation without drawing paramedics away from more serious incidents. We are regularly getting calls from Police to take over the care of a very drunk person, which releases them for other calls. Door staff will also ask for us if they see someone who needs our help. On both counts this is a trust we have worked hard to earn, hence a major contribution from Derbyshire Police.

    *There is an urgent need for new recruits in all departments Street, School and Prayer Pastors.

    Donations can be either made direct through our bank account 65471137 sort code 08-92-99. A monthly donation or to the address above. Gift Aid Forms are available to retrieve the tax from government

    Can I say thankyou in advance for your help.

Jacky Kendrew – Coordinator