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Lent 2021

Owing to the pandemic restrictions we will  be unable to meet together for a lent course.

So this year I have invited our whole church family to join me in reading a book together during Lent,  'Apprentice to Jesus' by Cris Rogers (SPCK). 

The book is designed to help us not simply learn about what Jesus knew, but become more like Jesus by doing what he did. Discipleship is central to a life of faith – and the Bible model of discipleship is more like apprenticeship than simply learning.

If you haven't ordered your copy of 'Apprentice to Jesus' yet you can by an eBook version here at £7.99… https://spckpublishing.co.uk/apprentice-disciple

Or, if you have an iPad or iPhone, on the Apple Books app for just £5.99.

At the heart of this book is a self-assessment process, called the 'Disciple-Making Tool', which helps you discern your 'shape' as a disciple: whether your strengths lie particularly in your hands, in contributing, creating and leading; in your heart, in loving, appreciating and belonging; or in your head, in knowing, thinking and understanding. You can complete the assessment in the book, or online. If you complete your assessment online you have the option to have your profile (anonymously) linked to St John's so we can assess the profile of our church family as a whole. This would be very helpful to me as I work to help us grow together in faith. To do that just enter this code in the church code box at the end of the questions: B4YPJKCL    - be assured that your identity will not be shared with me.

In addition, every Monday evening in Lent, the author invites us to be part of a discipleship coaching group based upon his new book Apprentice to Jesus. The group will meet for 75 mins online for an inspirational and helpful coaching talk, group chat and feedback plus time to ask questions about your struggles in discipleship. You can book your place through Eventbright…


If you belong to a small group you will have further opportunity to share something about your journey with each other when you meet, but I will also be holding a casual conversation/Q&A zoom on Sundays 28th Feb, and 7th, 14th, & 21st March at 7:00pm.

I'm really looking forward to this Lent learning opportunity as it will not only be a real blessing to each of us as we long to become more like Jesus, but will deepen our sense of being on a journey together. I hope you are too.

God bless, Nick

Audio recordings of webinars

Webinar - Monday 22nd February
Webinar - Monday 1st March (Incomplete)
Webinar - Monday 8th March
Webinar - Monday 15th March

The audio files from some of our previous lent courses are available at the bottom of our audio archive page.