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Mission Action Plan

Throughout 2016 we've been continuing to serve and worship God. One
of the ways we've done this has been by following our Mission Action
Plan which I wrote to you about in December 2015. This has been like a
compass, helping guide our actions under God – who always has exciting
plans for us!

Some of the actions have been completed, some are still work in
progress. For example, we had four “stepping stone” social events in the
year, not least of which was the St John's anniversary weekend. The
weekend gave us the opportunity to showcase some of our work,
including our World Mission charities.

The prayer-life of the church has
seen an increase in commitment to the Tuesday prayer meeting.
Children and Young People have had a greater involvement in our
services. Also, we have focused on inviting C&YP groups which use our
church to events and services. In the area of Pastoral Care, we have
established a visiting team and also begun a quarterly prayer for healing

In the Seniors' ministry area we held a very successful “Holiday
at Home” event in the summer which has led to folk coming to other
events/services that we offer.

Our new sound-system has greatly
improved the quality and reliability of the PA.

All-age worship services
have been reviewed with the team seeking to improve what is on offer.
The rest of this newsletter tells you about the actions that we are seeking
to undertake in the coming year.

But let's not forget the importance of
continuing with all that we already do well. We seek to “Know Jesus and
make Him known” as well as “Being Community for our Community”. For
this to happen we need to pursue our Mission Action Plan, yes, but many
other vital things as well such as...well, they are almost beyond number!

Thank-you for all that you contribute to St John's Church.

Every blessing,

On behalf of the PCC 

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