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About Us

Vision & Value

The Bible is the soil in which God's people have been rooted, nurtured and grown to fruitfulness from the beginning, and the Bible is the soil in which we seek to nurture disciples to live for Jesus at St John's.

Equally important to us is the truth that Christian faith connects deeply with our experience of life and informs our response to the world around us. So our vision for Christian life is wrapped up with the practice of our faith in everyday living.

For this reason, our vision and value are aimed at translating faith into practice.


Our vision is to "Know Jesus and making Him known."

"Knowing Jesus" - our worship, our prayer life, our teaching, our home groups. "Making Him known" through acts of service, through publicity, through evangelism of any sort.


"The local church is the hope of the world." (Bill Hybels)


Through "Being community for the community"...

We will be a learning community, growing in our relationship with Jesus.

We will be a messenger of the Gospel.

We will serve the people of our community as an example of God’s unconditional love.


Further Information

You will find more details in our new Parish Profile and the booklet of reports from our annual meeting; "A Year at St John's".

 pdf-icon-small  Parish profile 2017
pdf-icon-small A year at St John's (2017)



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