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Objective 5 - Communication

Last, but not least! Objective 5 is to engage positively in two-way communication with 50% of the population of the parish served by St John’s by 2022.




Based on the 2011 Census there were 5,668 residents living in 2,490 households so, in round terms, 50% of our Parish means 2,800 people or 1,250 households.

We have a way to go…

The team involved have done a great job digging up and developing various ideas but that is just the start – we now need your uniqueness so please get in touch using the contact form below with any suggestions or comments.



How might our objective be achieved? Here are some examples…

Firstly, through relationships that members of St John’s have with those we encounter naturally and those we go out to. 




The “Hello Neighbour” project, started as the lockdown began has now completed over 350 tasks to serve those who need some simple support. We will not be stopping this project and as the national context allows, we will extend the scope of what we can offer. We need everyone in the Parish to keep these contact details handy for if their circumstances suddenly change – no one need be alone and caught out.   




 Before Lockdown we had a small group meeting in the Blue Stoops called “Big Question”. We would like to explore this with a mixture of online and actual meetups when possible in an easy-going way.

Secondly, we will facilitate communication through excellent use of our website, social media, and paper resources. The challenge here is to convert it into 2way communication.




Lockdown forced us to go online with a Sunday service and you can see the result of that on our Facebook page. We will continue this after we are allowed back for “normal” services and put extra effort into all our other communications to make them more relevant for the needs of our Parish.



Thirdly, we will create events that provide opportunity for people to come together in or outside our facilities.



We were going to host Jonathan Veira in concert, but lockdown forced us to postpone until Oct 31st. We still do not know if the event will have to be rearranged again but meanwhile you can see him in concert from his home every Sunday at 8pm on his Facebook page






We plan to hold a “post lockdown celebration” over a weekend shortly after normal services resume and the Country gets a “green light”. We don’t know when, but we do know where – will you join us?

We are working with the Objective 3 team to look at converting our Atrium into a fully flexible relaxation and simple refreshments area that can be used for existing groups and new activities.



Will you help us devlop this objective? You can get involved a little or a lot and to start all you need to do is contact us on this form -  Objective 5 contact