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Land adjacent to St John’s

Land adjacent to St John’s Parish Centre, S42 7LT


We have been offered a lease on the land adjacent to our property which is bordered by Matlock Road, Acorn Ridge, and Walton Back Lane. We are moving to toward signing the lease during this summer. 

It is our desire to create an eco-garden with recreation area and other features

We welcome involvement of individuals and groups in the community of Walton in preparing and looking after the land. We will create projects for children and young people, while pursuing our high ecological targets while providing a pleasant community resource, and outdoor space for occasional events of church, and community groups that use the parish centre.

The kinds of things that we would most like to use it for include…

  • outdoor community space that can be used for church and community children’s groups to do outdoor activities and outdoor prayer gatherings/services
  • Creating a wild prayer space/quiet garden
  • Community garden with sections allocated to different community groups
  • bug hotels, creature habitats (hedgehog houses etc)
  • removable timber planting boxes for organic growing, providing fresh produce


Other ideas we would are keen to explore include:

  • A willow maze/labyrinth feature
  • Small orchard
  • Fruiting hedge
  • Occasional teaching and demonstrating rustic woodwork with branches rough timber
  • Occasional outdoor services
  • Occasional camping nights

All these things will utilise local, natural materials wherever possible.


We intend to plant cherry trees and other blossom bearing fruit trees, and cultivate a fruiting hedgerow. There will be plenty of space and some mown areas for play (not ball games). Some of the areas will be rewilded with long grass and wild flowers. There will be a wheelchair accessible gravel pathway weaving through the various areas with mown grass paths around to he community garden planters. Wattle and wicker fencing will define areas and keep people away within appropriate areas to protect wildlife.


There would be no access issues as we would create an access directly from St John’s car park by adding a timber gate into our existing timber border fence. All visitors arriving by car would park in the parish centre car park, although we will be asking them to arrive on foot in line with our eco values.

Labyrinths have a long history going back thousands of years. Many different groups around the world use labyrinths as tools of well-being.  Walking the single pathway of a labyrinth is following a journey from its beginnings to its destination, and then returning, having had the opportunity to experience and learn. The walk in is to allow you to prayerfully think about a problem/question. The walk out is to focus on finding a way forward/making decisions.


St John’s is an active and lively church providing much appreciated community initiatives for people of all ages and backgrounds, including dementia support, a mental health drop in, older people’s exercise groups, parent and toddler groups. Our facilities are also in regular use by uniformed children’s organisations, health and fitness groups, the NH. All of these will benefit from the initiatives we are considering for the land.

Ultimately, we will exercise good stewardship of the land in…

  • creating a sustainable environment for the community and preserve biodiversity in the area
  • doing organic growing, providing fresh produce, environmental conservation, alternative technologies maybe such as solar power.
  • Using local, natural materials.
  • Encouraging use of greener modes of transport e.g walking, cycling, public/ community transport, car sharing.


Would you like to help us create this space? Any time you could give would be appreciated…   email us at  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.         or call the parish office 01246 566205