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Soul Survivor 2015

The young people at St. John’s have been going to the youth event ‘Soul Survivor’ for many years, and this summer was no different. We spent the week camping, worshipping God and listening to his word. It is fantastic for us to truly experience God with 5000 like-minded young Christians, praising God together in the large main meetings as well as being able to sense his presence in the smaller seminars and simply walking around the campsite and seeing people having fun - even if the weather was awful!

This year some of the young people also volunteered to aid the running of the event; some worked in cafes and stalls; others directed cars and checked wristbands; and some helped the running of the main meetings by making sure that everyone who wanted to be prayed for had that opportunity. For those who did this it further enhanced the week by allowing them to see Soul Survivor from a different perspective, and understand deeper the work that God does throughout those 5 days.

But of course, each young person who went had a completely individual experience, and it was an incredible journey that was different for each person who went. If you have any more questions or want to hear how God touched us in different ways at Soul Survivor, please feel free to ask!

Furthermore, if you would like to find out more about the event itself, you can visit the Soul survivor website: : http://soulsurvivor.com