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Who's who


The Clergy




Rev'd Capt. Nick Green 




Rev'd Royston Smith

(SSM - Self Supporting Minister)


Rev'd Julie Stanton

(NSM - Non Stipendiary Minister)







Retired Clergy & Lay Readers

Sara Brown                                                   sara
Bishop Richard Inwood    BishopR



The Wardens

Kate Field                                                     KateF
Martyn Glossop Martyn G crop


The Staff

Church Secretary                                   

Patrick Sabin


Church Secretary

Kay Savage


Church Secretary 

Maggie Roberts



Geoff Rider



Chris Paton









Phil Abbott





Phil A crop 

Steven Ball



Rachel Broomhead




rachel b crop 

Kate Field

(Deanery Synod)


Ian Garland

(Deanery Synod)


Lindsay Gutteridge




Martyn Glossop





 Martyn G crop


Cathy Humphries





 Cathie H crop

David Jarvis




John Kelly

(Deputy Chair)






Richard Neep



Aileen Parry






Carol Paton






Hazel Platt

Helen Schofield

Royston Smith royston



Lucy Taylor





 Lucy T crop

Cathi Thacker

(PCC Secretary)





What's What at St John's


In a church as busy and active as St John's, we need a structure to enable our church life to be dynamic and flexible within the overall leadership of the PCC.  Our church life has been organised into nine areas, which are listed below.  More detail can be found in the “Way Forward” document which is available from Ian Macleod.  The “Area Lead” is there to provide leadership and pastoral oversight. They are responsible for ensuring that the PCC is kept informed via regular reports.   If  the “Area Lead” person is not on the PCC then a link name is assigned.

If you have issues, suggestions or indeed encouragements, then please feel free to approach the person directly responsible for the activity you are thinking about.  In addition, you can talk to the Area Lead person should you wish.  As ever, the Church Wardens and Vicar are happy to listen to any thoughts on church life that you may have.

  1. 1)Worship and Teaching

Area Lead: Currently the Wardens and Leadership Team

            Includes: Tuesday Worship and Lunch, All-Age Worship Team, Sunday Evenings, Music, Home Communion

  1. 2)Prayer Life and Discipleship

Area Lead: Bishop Richard Inwood

            PCC Link: Judith Kelly

       Includes Home Groups, Confirmation, Bible Reading Notes, Book Club and Prayer (groups, meetings, triplets, post-1045 ministry)

  1. 3)Children and Young People

Area Lead: Ian Garland

  1. 4)Pastoral Care

Area Lead: Rev'd Royston Smith

            Includes: Baptism Team, Bereavement Team, Care of Congregation pastoral needs, Welcome Team, Men's and Women's Groups

  1. 5)Senior's Ministry

Area Lead: Hazel Platt

            PCC Link: Rev'd Royston Smith

            Includes: Third Thursday Friendship Group

  1. 6)Evangelism and Social Action

Area Lead: John Bown

PCC Link: Rachel Broomhead

            Includes: Christians Together for Chesterfield, After Care Project, Street Pastors, Stepping Stone Events,  Chesterfield Food Bank, Messy Church

  1. 7)World Mission

Area Lead: Lindsay Gutteridge

            PCC Link: Judith Kelly

            Includes: Links into charities supported by the Missionary Tithe, those supported by fund-raising activities; also, coordination of fund-raising activities.

  1. 8)Estates and Fabric

Area Lead: The Church Wardens (Marje and Ian)

  1. 9)Supporting Ministries

            Contact: if unsure who you need to contact, discuss with The Church Wardens (Marje and Ian)

            Includes: Standing Committee, Site Caretaker/Cleaner, Finance, Office, Website, Sound System  and Projection, and Electoral Roll Officer