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Lent 2018 

As usual we are having 5 sessions for this Lent course.

It's called  ‘Relationships - Some Biblical perspectives'.

Each session lasts for an hour and will begin at 7:30pm in church.


February 21st    Relationship with our God
February 28th Relationship with myself
March 7th Relationships with family and friends
March 14th Relationships within the church
March 21st Relationship with the world





PowerPoint presentations (will be available prior to each session - click on the  blue links below)

pdf icon  Relationship with our God
 pdf icon  Relationship with myself
 pdf icon  Relationships with family and friends
 pdf icon  Relationships within the church
 pdf icon Relationship with the world

Lent course - audio recordings

1. Bishop Richard - 21/2/2018 - Relationship with our God Play Download this Song
2. Bishop Richard - 7/3/2018 - Relationship with myself Play Download this Song
3. Bishop Richard - 14/3/2018 - Relationship with family & friends Play Download this Song
4. Nick Green - 14/3/2018 - Relationship with the world Play Download this Song