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Home Groups

Home Groups are the mid-week small group gatherings at St John’s.

These small-group gatherings are very much the heart of the Church and Christian community at its most intimate; they are the place where faith is fostered, discipleship encouraged and spiritual wholeness and well-being is nurtured. They are also the place where personal support and prayer ministry is both naturally requested and care offered.

They are the place to get to know each other well, to create new friendships, while at the same time exploring all that it means to be Christian in today’s world and enabling faith through worship, Bible study, sharing together and prayer.

If you’d like to be part of a Home Group and discover for yourself the encouragement of close fellowship with fellow Christians, speak with a member of the clergy after one of the services on Sunday or Tuesday.



This autumn our home groups will be studying "The Possible World", a practical, mission focused course designed to
challenge, equip and disciple.
This seven week course explores what prophetic mission means and delves into
vital issues such as hospitality, care for the environment and injustice.
The study includes videos as well as practical suggestions on further
actions groups or individuals can take.

One: Jesus, a prophet. Me, a prophet?
Two: Hospitality: All right for some?
Three: Consumer culture: I want to live simply but I like stuff
Four: The environment: For God so loved the world
Five: Human suffering: How can I show I care?
Six: Injustice: So many issues, so few of us
Seven: Now what? Joining the prophetic and the practical


pdf-icon-small The Possible World - Course booklet
pdf-icon-small Handout - Session 1
pdf-icon-small Handout - Session 2
pdf-icon-small Handout - Session 3
pdf-icon-small Handout - Session 4
pdf-icon-small Handout - Session 5
pdf-icon-small Handout - Session 6
pdf-icon-small Handout - Session 7