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Home Groups

Home Groups are the mid-week small group gatherings at St John’s.

These small-group gatherings are very much the heart of the Church and Christian community at its most intimate; they are the place where faith is fostered, discipleship encouraged and spiritual wholeness and well-being is nurtured. They are also the place where personal support and prayer ministry is both naturally requested and care offered.

They are the place to get to know each other well, to create new friendships, while at the same time exploring all that it means to be Christian in today’s world and enabling faith through worship, Bible study, sharing together and prayer.

If you’d like to be part of a Home Group and discover for yourself the encouragement of close fellowship with fellow Christians, speak with a member of the clergy after one of the services on Sunday or Tuesday.



During February we will be having a sermon series entitled ‘Don’t Go to Church – Be The Church!’ The series will help us consider what the church is for and what it really means to be the true church that Jesus intended to build.
During the series I will draw material from a book called ‘Letters to the Church’, by American pastor and evangelist, Francis Chan. Here’s an excerpt from Chapter 4...

We live in a time when people go to a building on Sunday mornings, attend an hour- long service, and call themselves members of the Church. Does that sound shocking to you? Of course not. This is perfectly normal. It’s what we grew up with. We all know good Christians go to church.
But have you ever read the New Testament? Do you find anything in Scripture that is even remotely close to the pattern we have created? Do you find anyone who “went” to church?
Try to imagine Paul and Peter speaking like we do today:
“Hey Peter, where do you go to church now?”
“I go to The River. They have great music and I love the kids’ program.”
“Cool. Can I check out your church next Sunday? I’m not getting much out of mine.” “Totally. I’m not going to be there next Sunday because little Matthew has soccer. But how about the week after?”
“Sounds good. Hey, do they have a singles group?”
It’s comical to think of Paul and Peter speaking like this. Yet that’s a normal conversation among Christians today. Why? There are so many things wrong with the above conversation
I don’t even know where to start. The fact that we have reduced the sacred mystery of Church to a one-hour service we attend is staggering. Yet that’s the way I defined it for years! I didn’t know anything different. It’s what everyone did, so I didn’t think to question it... every week, we hear Christians asking each other, “How was church?” Something that God has designed to function as a family has been reduced to an optional weekly meeting. And this has become normal. Expected. How in the world did we get here?
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